Pressure builds in 'powderkeg' Kabul as refugees return home

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As Pakistan deports thousands of Afghans, informal settlements are adding to the intense strain on Kabul’s resources – with potentially disastrous results

Racing against the setting sun to wind up the day’s labour, Shukour takes a few steps back and surveys his construction site. As the dust from the drilling settles back on the 50 square metres of rock that will become the foundations of his new house in Kabul, he stops work and talks about the home he fled as an eight-year-old.

“Our Panjshir is as beautiful as India’s Kashmir,” he says, framed against a rash of grey matchbox huts vying for very available inch before the hillside falls steeply away. “It was God’s own valley until the reign of fire.”

Not much has changed for us other than aid disappearing over time. The last time we received rations was years ago

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Link : Pressure builds in ‘powderkeg’ Kabul as refugees return home


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