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Readers respond to the Labour leader’s article in Saturday’s Guardian where he promised to root out antisemitism in the party

Jeremy Corbyn’s article (I will root out the antisemites – they have no place in Labour, 4 August) came at a time least likely to reach the Jewish readership with whom he claims to want dialogue, and keeps the press clear of responses for days. It remains a disturbing position: raising long-buried historical debates of Jewish identity, exploiting divisions in the Jewish community, opening the door to a future of pervasive antisemitism of “dual loyalties” and anti-Israeli obsessions, demanding Jews unite to follow Labour in service of Palestinian causes, before, finally, reminding us that otherwise there is the Hobson’s choice of the far right.

His initial allusion to the Jewish contribution to the “national” community carries an odd phrasing for a true socialist, highlighting concerns of national integration, surely a preoccupation of the far right. These are not the words of a pluralist or a peacemaker. Corbyn is a populist riding the tiger of antisemitism which can only bite him in the long run. He only patronises the Jewish community when he offers to protect it. The real threats will come not from the poorly organised and resourced far right, but from his own “brothers” in Hamas and Hezbollah, who will doubtless in future feel able to attack Jewish communities in Britain knowing that the man who demanded “evidence” for Salisbury will not pursue them.

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