Pollutionwatch: hazy air of cities 'reducing solar panel efficiency'

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As urban air pollution affects the passage of daylight, photovoltaic panels lose efficiency finds study

Haze over cities is a visual reminder of the air pollution we breathe. This is less obvious than the coal smoke induced gloom that Victorians suffered. In the 1880s central London had just 17% of the winter sunshine that was measured in the countryside. This had only improved to 45% by 1916–20.

However, even modern haze is still reducing sunlight in cities. Scientists find that in Delhi air pollution over the city is reducing the efficiency of solar panels by between 12% and 17%, depending on the type of photovoltaic technology. Losses are between 9% and 13% in Beijing, and around 2% in London and Los Angeles.

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Link : Pollutionwatch: hazy air of cities ‘reducing solar panel efficiency’


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