Photographer of the year 2017: Zohra Bensemra

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This year the picture desk has chosen the Reuters photojournalist Zohra Bensemra as agency photographer of the year. From the drought in Somalia to the conflict in Iraq and Syria against Islamic State to elections in her home country of Algeria, here Bensemra talks about her work as well as some of her favourite assignments and images of the year

How would you describe 2017 from your point of view of a news photographer?

I think 2017 has been a tough year for the world in terms of war, disaster, human rights abuses, refugee crises and famine. Even people who live in once stable countries are facing terrorist attacks. I feel that no one feels safe these days.

Zeinab has ambitions like any girl. I did not see her nationality, her skin colour, her religion but her determination to realise her dreams

When you face such a moment, you always think it could happen to any one of us. But despite it all, Khatla looked beautiful to me, as if every wrinkle on her face told a story

It’s important to show that life continues despite the war

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