Pete Souza's best photograph: Obama lays into Putin

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‘Trump acts as if Russia is our best friend. But it’s our adversary. And this is how you should talk to an adversary’

I wasn’t supposed to be here for this picture. It was taken on the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings – all the heads of state had gathered there and were coming out of an impromptu luncheon. The official photographers from each country had been kicked out – we were all supposed to leave the building. But I have a knack of making myself small and sticking around.

The shot shows the kind of interaction President Obama had with President Putin during his tenure. It was 2014, a particularly tense time between the two countries. You can see in the facial expressions and gestures that this was a very serious conversation. There are interpreters stood behind them, but I get the impression from Putin’s face that he understood exactly what was being said in English.

I took 1.9 million photos during my time as White House photographer. I had my cameras on me every day for eight years

What you see with Trump is the reality show, with the whole press corps there. You don’t get any unguarded moments

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Link : Pete Souza’s best photograph: Obama lays into Putin


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