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To intervene or not to intervene? Both options are potentially irresponsible…

Lina Khatib was right to draw attention to the pivotal role that Russia could play in ending the Syrian war (“It was right to strike, but only bringing Russia to the table can end the conflict”, Comment). But to influence Russia may require a very different approach from the west and a better understanding of what drives Russia to act in the way it does.

While in no way wishing to defend or excuse the Russian support for Assad, it is perhaps understandable why Russia, a proud but economically weak country (GDP similar to Italy), should use every means to reassert its position as a “great power” capable of influencing the course of history in the 21st century. Is it unreasonable for Russia to want to maintain its naval base in Syria when the UK has a military airfield in Cyprus and France stations its warplanes in Jordan?

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