Niger is the perfect example of the US state of perma-war | Trevor TImm

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The little-known involvement of the US military in Niger shows how a hastily-written law allows global intervention without congressional oversight

The vast majority of Americans probably had no idea that the US even had military troops participating in combat missions in Africa before the incident in Niger in the beginning of October that left four American soldiers dead. But now the Trump administration is already planning to escalate lethal military operations in the country where the attack occurred – all with little debate.

Donald Trump has been involved in a bizarre public feud with the families of the fallen soldiers, which has dominated headlines and cable television for weeks. But there has been far less pointed questions about why the US military is fighting in Niger at all, and yet it seems likely that there’s about to be more US military presence in the country that will only make matters worse.

(October 4, 2017)  Soldiers killed in Niger

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Link : Niger is the perfect example of the US state of perma-war | Trevor TImm


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