'Mum, I was tricked': my daughter, the Kim Jong-nam murder suspect

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As judge prepares key ruling, Siti Aisyah’s mother recounts her daughter’s journey from aspiring TV star to suspected tool of North Korean regime

In the beginning, there were a few times that Benah pretended not to know her daughter, Siti Aisyah. She just couldn’t face the questions.

One day while Benah was visiting the doctor in town the receptionist recognised the name of her sleepy Javanese village, Rancasumur – a name popularised by the nightly news. “How far away is your house from Siti’s?” the receptionist asked, leaning in conspiratorially. “Oh, it’s far,” replied Benah, “I don’t even know her.”

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Link : ‘Mum, I was tricked’: my daughter, the Kim Jong-nam murder suspect


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