#Muellersgonna: internet mulls special counsel's Friday night plans

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Twitter uses are speculating about Robert Mueller’s self-care routine after he submitted his long-awaited report

With Robert Mueller’s report finally submitted, the US faces fundamental questions. Could the report’s contents change the course of American history? Will we soon see a president’s downfall? Is Robert Mueller relaxing poolside with a cocktail and a cigar?

Given the momentousness of the occasion, Twitterwas naturally on hand to make light of the situation.

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God it must feel so good for Mueller to close all those browser tabs.

Mueller’s gonna dust the whole apartment and then iron a few things because he’s really been meaning to do that. https://t.co/JiajKE8Kzp

#Muellersgonna sit down at his new iMac and suddenly realize that his emails have really been piling up and needs to unsubscribe to Groupon and all of its affiliates- could take days https://t.co/DPp0ZCvHzw

can’t wait to finally find out if trump is bad

Live footage of Don Jr. right now. pic.twitter.com/Z2Bgwho3GI

If you stay after the credits of @UsMovie Nick Fury comes out and holds his phone up to camera and you can read the Mueller Report via Notes App

I have read the Mueller report and it turns out in 2016 Lori Loughlin paid $600 on Craigslist for her daughter to be elected president of the United States.

FROM: Mueller, Robert
TO: Barr, William
SUBJECT: Final report

Hey – attaching report. Thanks.


FROM: Mueller, Robert
TO: Barr, William
SUBJECT: Re: Final report

Oops sorry. Actually attaching this time. Lol

As long as everyone else is opining on something they haven’t seen: My sources tell me Mueller got to the bottom of who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp. Also, who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong.

So Mueller finally said he wanted to tell us something, and he pops open this little box — and it’s a friendship bracelet. He wants to be friends. No hard feelings. He will always love us, in a way. But he wants to be friends. https://t.co/lDhmBBxgBI

I wonder if the Mueller report will have anything REALLY explosive in it, like Donald Trump standing in front of reporters and asking Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails

So the report has been filed but we won’t know what’s in it until the attorney general takes a look. You might say it’s…em-Barr-goed.

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