More than 30 drown as hundreds fall from migrant boat off Libya

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About 200 people fell from overcrowded boat that was carrying 500-700 people and rescue boats are looking for survivors

More than 30 people have drowned after about 200 people fell from an overcrowded migrant boat off the coast of Libya, the latest tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea.

The vessel was carrying between 500 and 700 people when the accident happened 20 nautical miles off the Libyan coast. It was not clear whether those in the water were knocked off balance by a wave or because there was a rush to one side of the boat as a rescue vessel approached.

not a scene from a horror movie…Real life tragedy unfolding on Europe’s doorstep today!

+++Breaking+++ On this photo on the right side you can see the guns by Libyan Coast Guards pointed on the refugees!

+++Breaking+++Around 100 people jumped into the water in panic to reach @SOSMedGermany and us. The situation was under control before shoots

+++Breaking+++We repeat: SAR crews are save. We had to step back because of the shoots and are waiting for more information from our crew!

+++Breaking+++ Several NGOs are witnessing huge human rights violations. People’s lives are put into direct danger by boat marked as LCG!

At one point, perhaps a dozen or more migrants jumped into the water in panic, endangering their lives.

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Link : More than 30 drown as hundreds fall from migrant boat off Libya


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