Minister Payne: for the sake of Australia's reputation, you must publish our war history now | Robert O'Neill, Peter Edwards, David Horner

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A proud tradition of frank and honest reportage would be lost if our record of operations in East Timor is censored

Media reports that officials of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade are impeding the publication of the first volume of the Official History of Australian Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and Australian Peacekeeping Operations in East Timor on the grounds of diplomatic sensitivities, are concerning.

We were appointed the official historians of Australian commitments to military conflicts and peacekeeping and humanitarian operations from the Korean war to the post cold-war era. Some of those commitments were little known, others aroused intense and enduring controversy both in Australia and internationally. As was expected, we not only recorded and analysed the operations, but placed them in their strategic, diplomatic and political context.

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Link : Minister Payne: for the sake of Australia’s reputation, you must publish our war history now | Robert O’Neill, Peter Edwards, David Horner


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