Midnight in Chernobyl; Manual for Survival – review

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Adam Higginbotham’s thriller-like account of the disaster and Kate Brown’s study of its aftermath make chilling reading

On 25 April 1986, a routine maintenance test was due to take place at Chernobyl’s reactor No 4. The idea was simple: to simulate what would happen during an electrical blackout. In the control room, the senior engineer in charge, Leonid Toptunov, began powering down.

For a few seconds everything was normal. Then there was a roar. The plant, designed to showcase the Soviet Union’s scientific prowess, began to tremble. A shift foreman watched in amazement as the reactor’s fuel caps bounced up and down. Next there was an explosion. The blast destroyed the nuclear core and blew off the plant’s concrete roof.

Toptunov and his comrades perished one by one. Their deaths were agonising

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