Middle East’s leaders cross the Red Sea to woo east Africa

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Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel and others are seeking favours in Kenya, Sudan and Ethiopia as old alliances in the region falter

For Nairobi’s commuters, summer has brought more woes than usual. Along with the demonstrations, road accidents and downpours that frequently cause gridlock in Kenya’s capital, there has been an almost weekly shutdown as foreign VIPs fly in. “Of course people are annoyed … but some rather like it. We are getting the feeling that we are finally returning to centre stage,” said Charles Onyango-Obbo, a publisher and journalist.

Many of the visitors have been from the US, China and other nations long seen as players in the region, but an increasing number are from the Middle East, their visits underlining a dramatic twist in the centuries-old battle between foreign powers for influence, trade, resources and military assets in a strategically sensitive part of the world.

Turkey wants to be seen as a champion of victimised people of the Islamic religion everywhere

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Link : Middle East’s leaders cross the Red Sea to woo east Africa



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