Mexico's leftwing frontrunner laughs off Russia jibes and says: I'm no Moscow stooge

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As the presidential election nears, Andrés Manuel López Obrador – known as Amlo – has been forced to deny claims of Russian support

It could be a scene from a John Le Carré novel: under a leaden sky, a grey-haired man in an overcoat looks out to sea and chuckles quietly at the prospect of a Russian submarine bearing a shipment of gold.

But the image came in a video this week by the leftwing frontrunner in Mexico’s presidential election, as he laughed off claims that he is receiving covert support from Moscow.

Ya no soy peje, ahora soy AndresManuelovich

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La Pejestroika, camaradas.

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Link : Mexico’s leftwing frontrunner laughs off Russia jibes and says: I’m no Moscow stooge


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