Meet Dr Miriam Adelson: the record-breaking Republican donor driving Trump's Israel policy

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The Las Vegas addiction doctor is stepping out of the shadow of her casino billionaire husband and just received a medal from the president

When Dr Miriam Adelson was awarded the US Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s top civilian honor, by Donald Trump in November, the public response ranged from disdainful to “who?” Her husband, the casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson, is widely known for his record donations to Republican causes, as well as passionate support for conservative Israeli interests. Many news articles about the award described Miriam solely as his wife.

But Miriam’s influence has been deeper than many credit, although she appears to have been perfectly comfortable remaining in her 85-year-old husband’s shadow until recently.

Some thoughts on giving Miriam Adelson, who has done nothing for her country besides being the wife of a Trump-friendly megadonor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Of course it’s ludicrous, and an insult to people who received the medal for genuine service. But … 1/

Christina Binkley is the author of the best-selling Las Vegas book Winner Takes All.

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Link : Meet Dr Miriam Adelson: the record-breaking Republican donor driving Trump’s Israel policy


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