'Macho v macho': what to expect from Putin-Trump negotiations

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Russians and Americans share hopes and fears about the future relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

Picture the scene: it is March 2017 and President Donald Trump emerges from the White House with Russia’s Vladimir Putin after several hours of talks. The body language is good; they slap each other on the back and cackle with laughter. Russia, Trump tells the gathered media, is a valued partner in the fight against Islamic State and a key strategic partner.

For President Putin, this kind of man-to-man deal making, free of moralising on democracy or human rights, leaving him a free hand in his “near abroad” of Ukraine and other former Soviet states, is what he had always hoped for in relations with his US counterparts. Until now, it had seemed an impossible dream.

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Link : ‘Macho v macho’: what to expect from Putin-Trump negotiations



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