'Like LA with minarets': how concrete and cars came to rule Tehran

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The next 15 megacities #3: With nearly 10 million people doing daily battle with some of the world’s highest levels of congestion and air pollution, headscarves should be the least of the authorities’ worries …

Tehran’s traffic jams have spawned a curious social phenomenon. The affluent car-driving youth of the northern districts have turned gridlock into a way of meeting members of the opposite sex.

Known as “dor-dor” (“turn-turn” in Farsi), separate groups of young men and women drive around, pulling up alongside each other in congested traffic so they can flirt and pass phone numbers through the window. The cars are either all-girl or all-boy to avoid censorship by the Islamic morality police. If the police do show up they can make a (slow) getaway.

By 2035 another 15 cities will have populations above 10 million, according to the latest United Nations projections, taking the total number of megacities to 48.

If we’d been seen out with a boy like this, we would have been forced to marry them

Anyone can pay a fine and build a high-rise. You see highways where they shouldn’t be, shopping malls where they shouldn’t be

If you making more room for cars, you get more cars on the street. More cars means more congestion and more pollution

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Link : ‘Like LA with minarets’: how concrete and cars came to rule Tehran


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