Life at 'the tip of the spear': defiant Guam refuses to cower to Kim

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Idyllic Pacific island relies on tourism and the US military to sustain it. When it comes to North Korea, islanders hope that peace wins over war

White sand beaches, crystal clear water, sunny blue skies and palm trees. All the hallmarks of an island getaway perfect for ignoring the problems of the world – unless that island is Guam.

This far-flung sliver of coral and greenery, which sits 9,700km from the US mainland, is in the crosshairs of North Korea. It has been singled out by Kim Jong-un for a quartet of ballistic missiles in a highly detailed battle plan meant to send a warning to his bombastic American equivalent, Donald Trump.

Guam, a 210 sq mile sovereign US territory in the western Pacific Ocean, is used by America as a strategic military base. Almost a third of its land is controlled by the US military and about 6,000 American troops are based there.

North Korea has carried out five nuclear tests since 2006, so it unquestionably has the capacity to create some form of nuclear bomb.

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Link : Life at ‘the tip of the spear’: defiant Guam refuses to cower to Kim


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