Let’s not forget the suffering of Syrians | Letter

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Professor David Nott and Hamish de Bretton-Gordon on the plight of the 4 million civilians trapped in Idlib

In December 2016 we managed to help rescue 500 injured children trapped in Aleppo, and in December 2017, 29 children dying of curable cancer in Ghouta. These children survived, but many have perished in this most cruel of conflicts. Idlib province is now the only area of Syria not under regime control. It is the children who are the future of Syria, and they have suffered the most. It appears that about 75% have post-traumatic stress disorder, and about 50% are incontinent because of this.

This is our collective legacy of non-intervention. True, no British soldiers have died, but we have seen regular terror attacks in the UK, up to 1 million dead in Syria, and the re-emergence of chemical weapons on the battlefields of the globe and even the streets of England.

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