'Kim Jong-un is hitting on us!': my night out with Dear Leader (sort of)

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Bar-hopping with North Korea’s teetotal supreme leader, albeit an Australian impersonator called Howard, is full of surprises

It is a rare night when you find yourself on a chilly street corner waiting for a car to arrive for a rendezvous with Kim Jong-un. Rarer still when Kim decides tonight is the night to go on a bar crawl.

Two things are not as they seem, though. The first is that Kim is a teetotaller, making a the bar trip a potentially fruitless exercise. The second is that Kim is not Kim – he’s an Australian impersonator called Howard.

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I thought Holland was a democracy with freedom of speech and now you want to kick me out.

Can I take a photo with him, will I get in trouble with the South Korean government?

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Link : ‘Kim Jong-un is hitting on us!’: my night out with Dear Leader (sort of)


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