Karen Pierce, UK ambassador to the UN: ‘We can’t be pushed around’

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The first woman in the role has made headlines for her informal but frank style. As she contends with the threat of Russia and crises in Syria and Yemen, her message is clear

The lights are being switched off on the world’s stage. The United Nations security council has heard the latest horrific news from Yemen and is shutting up for the evening as the sunset reflects pink off New York’s East River. Karen Pierce, the UK’s ambassador, who fights the country’s diplomatic battles in the cockpit of the council, has just stepped away from the chamber’s famous C-shaped negotiating table and has a gap between the Yemen session and a dinner event on nuclear disarmament. Pierce tells an aide she will go to the dinner, but will not be eating. “I will, however, need a stiff drink.”

While the political class back home is consumed with Brexit and finds itself derided and increasingly ignored in Europe, Britain still wields the clout of a major power at the UN. The privileges the UK acquired when it emerged as a victor of the second world war – permanent membership of the security council and the veto power that comes with it – cannot be taken away without Britain and the four other permanent members – China, France, Russia and the US – voting for it.

It’s good to be seen to stand up to Russia in public and show there’s a pushback on the lies that they try to tell

As we leave the EU, the UN will be an even bigger stage for the UK to be an independent force – hopefully for good

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Link : Karen Pierce, UK ambassador to the UN: ‘We can’t be pushed around’


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