Jordan says US settlement decision is 'entrenching occupation'

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US said on Monday Israeli settlements on West Bank were no longer considered illegal

Jordan has accused the US of entrenching the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, after Washington announced it did not consider Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank to necessarily be illegal.

Ayman Safadi, the Jordanian foreign minister, criticised the US decision, saying settlements “kill the two-state solution”, the most widely accepted blueprint for Middle East peace.

“Entrenching the occupation and its injustice, and violating the resolutions of international legitimacy will not achieve peace, and will not guarantee security and stability,” he said, according to state media.

“Nothing changes the illegal reality of settlements that the international community is unanimous in condemning,” he added.

Hundreds of thousands of Jewish settlers live in outposts in the West Bank, which Israel’s military captured in a 1967 war and continues to rule, controlling the lives of more than 2.5 million Palestinians.

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Link : Jordan says US settlement decision is ‘entrenching occupation’


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