Jerusalem truck attack: four Israeli officer cadets killed and at least 15 injured – live updates

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  • Truck ploughs into group of Israeli soldiers
  • Police spokeswoman describes incident as terrorist attack
  • Suspected attacker named by Israeli media as 28-year-old Fadi al-Qanbar

2.46pm GMT

Here is a summary:

2.29pm GMT

Our correspondent Peter Beaumont has sent in an updated report from the scene. The full version of this piece is here.

Four Israeli officer cadets were killed and a dozen wounded when a Palestinian driving a truck ploughed into them deliberately.

Police said the dead, three women and one man, were all in their twenties, without identifying them. Among the wounded three were described as in a serious condition.

2.15pm GMT

According to the AP news agency, Hamas, the Palestinian militant group, has praised the truck attack but did not claim responsibility.

In a statement the group’s spokesman Abdul-Latif Qanou called it a “heroic” act and encouraged other Palestinians to do the same and “escalate the resistance”.

1.52pm GMT

CCTV video has emerged showing the moment the truck ploughed into a group of Israeli soldiers as they stood outside a bus. It’s not gruesome but it is shocking, and we’ve decided not to embed it here.

The truck slams into the large group at speed, driving straight through them. Bystanders, including soldiers standing in separate groups scatter in panic, with some clearly trying to intercept the vehicle as it appears to turn. It then reverses over the bodies before coming to a halt.

1.39pm GMT

The suspected attacker has been named by Times of Israel and others as Fadi al-Qanbar, a 28-year-old from the Palestinian Jabel Mukaber area of Jerusalem.

These are from reporter Dov Lieber:

Reported picture of Jerusalem attacker Fadi al-Qanbar, 28, from Jabal Mukabbar Jerusalem

He is a reported picture of Jerusalem attacker, Fadi al-Qanbar, on a horse.

1.20pm GMT

Photos from the scene show a major police operation under way around the truck, and dazed Israeli soldiers consoling one another.

1.06pm GMT

The city’s mayor, Nir Barkat, has issued a statement calling on residents of Jerusalem to “not let terror win”.

According to the Jerusalem Post he said: “To our dismay, there is no limit to the cruelty of the terrorists who are willing to use any means possible to murder Jews and to damage the daily life of Israel’s capital.”

12.43pm GMT

Our correspondent in Jerusalem, Peter Beaumont, is on the scene and has been speaking to Leah Schreiber, a witness, who was leading a group of new soldiers on an orientation tour when the attack happened.

“I was with a group of soldiers when a terrorist attacker drove into the solders,” she said. “People shouted ‘What’s happening’ and he reversed the truck.”

12.42pm GMT

Three women and a man, all in their twenties, died in the attack, Jerusalem Post and other local media have reported.

The crash took place at the Armon Hanatziv promenade, which overlooks the walled city.

12.30pm GMT

The truck attack hit a group of soldiers, according to local news sources, the BBC reports.

The death toll has risen to four, Jerusalem Post reports, adding that police have said the presumed attacker has been “neutralised”. The paper shared photographs from social media showing a Mercedes vehicle with the windscreen riddled with bullets.

12.25pm GMT

A truck has rammed into pedestrians in Jerusalem, reportedly killing four and injuring at least 15 in what a police spokeswoman has described as a terrorist attack.

The incident took place on a popular promenade overlooking Old Jerusalem, leaving bodies “strewn on the street”, according to local radio. Nobody has yet claimed responsibility.

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