Jeremy Corbyn calls Syria airstrikes legally questionable

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PM should have sought parliamentary approval before taking military action, says Labour leader
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Jeremy Corbyn has described airstrikes on Syria as legally questionable and accused Theresa May of “trailing after Donald Trump” in an attack that could escalate the conflict.

The Labour leader was responding to the news that the US, UK and France launched airstrikes in Syria early on Saturday morning. Corbyn, who has called for an independent UN-led investigation of last week’s chemical weapons attack, said the prime minister should have sought parliamentary approval before launching the action.

Air strikes have not resolved situation in Syria so far – nothing I’ve heard persuades me they will do so now. An international strategy for peace must be pursued – not a course that risks dangerous escalation. UK foreign policy should be set by Parliament, not US President.

We need a plan for peace in Syria. A bombing, allegedly a one off affair does not aid this. The UK Parliament now needs an urgent debate on Syria not just a Prime Ministerial statement, something that should have happened before any action.

The OPCW was to begin its investigation today. As an elected representative of the people of Ashton Under Lyne I was frozen out of the decision our PM has made to bomb Syria. I am still concerned as to how our action will stop the use of chemical weapons&bring peace #SyriaStrikes

This *must* be part of a comprehensive strategy to save civilian life, help the victims of the chemical attacks, and assist those that Assad has besieged. We have arguably the best aid capacity in the world. Time to use it.

And finally meet our duty to Syrian refugees. #Syria

It was right that the UK joined our allies in action to degrade Assad’s chemical weapon capability in Syria – we must act together to remove the threat of these dreadful weapons that indiscriminately slaughter civilians.

Cannot imagine the horror of being in Syria. Years of suffering under the cruelty of Assad, suffering under various lawless groups and now more foreign bombing. What will be left of Syria? #NotInMyNameTheresaMay

Air strikes: Given this has been in the wind for so long the PM could and should have sought preliminary Parliamentary approval. But this is the right action, provided it’s limited to ensuring that the law on the prohibition of chemical weapons cannot be broken with impunity.

The PM does not require specific parliamentary authorisation to fulfill her primary responsibility to protect our national interest. Parliament will rightly probe her explanation of the reasons for her decision but there is no need for a vote.

The Assad regime used chemical weapons on its own people. Again. Russia vetoed UN investigation. Again. We should hold those images of children coughing up their lungs in our minds. Something so dreadful has to have a consequence

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