Jared Kushner's redemptive mission threatened by tangled Russian web

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The sins of the father have shadowed Kushner’s slick ascent – now claims of contact with Moscow have landed him in a spotlight he had hoped to avoid

In the middle of December last year, Jared Kushner, the smooth-skinned, impeccably tailored and inscrutable son-in-law of Donald Trump, was riding high. He was basking in the glow of having helped his father-in-law become the most powerful man on earth; was about to take up the role of senior adviser to the President of the United States, which would make him one of the most influential people in the administration; and on the home front he and his wife Ivanka Trump were sitting on a real estate pile worth up to $740m.

If he’d just let his elegantly thin-lapelled suits and pinstriped ties do the talking, he might still be atop that wave, lauded by some as the one voice of reason and calm in a wild and unpredictable White House. But he didn’t rest there.

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‘Jared was driven by a desire to vindicate his father. His pre-Trump life was focused on that single aim’

A staggering level of confidence-cum-arrogance that has allowed them to take on challenges that stretch them far beyond their own experience.

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Link : Jared Kushner’s redemptive mission threatened by tangled Russian web


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