'I've never been to school': child waste pickers living on Pakistan's streets | Haroon Janjua

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Eight-year-old Zarmeena is one of the country’s 1.5 million homeless children, many of them Afghan refugees, who miss out on education and often fall prey to violence and abuse

On a cold winter morning, as the sun rises above the squalor and stench of the slums of the Islamabad, frail-looking children are already up, picking rags from the dumps. It is a risky and competitive business.

Zarmeena, an eight-year-old Afghan girl, wears ill-fitting wellington boots slashed down to ankle-length, with clothes that are no more than thin pieces of fabric wrapped around her.

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Link : ‘I’ve never been to school’: child waste pickers living on Pakistan’s streets | Haroon Janjua


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