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I can’t understand your antagonism towards Russia (If the west is weak, Putin’s Russia is a much greater threat, 3 November). The west needs Russia to stabilise the Middle East, bring together conflicting sides to the negotiating table and forge an inclusive political solution to the ongoing violence in Syria. Russia is an indispensable partner in the global battle against the scourge of terrorism; it has endured despicable terrorist attacks against its innocent citizens, such as at Beslan. It is in the west’s best interests to cooperate with Russia.
Dr Munjed Farid Al Qutob

• Your interview with the MI5 head Andrew Parker (1 November) confirmed the prediction I have stated publicly since 1991 in my lectures, published letters and books: Russia will be an increasing threat, which will probably lead to confrontations, eventually maybe military, and possibly even WW3. However, this does not necessarily mean that Russia is deliberately planning any of this – hence paradoxically the Kremlin’s refutations, including of this interview’s accusations, could be at least partially true.
Dr Marek Laskiewicz
Polish Association in Great Britain

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