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Readers Paul Chartney and Mark Lewinski respond to our letter from former Israeli snipers

The former combatants who wrote concerning Israel’s security policy on the Gaza border (Letters, 13 April) do not represent the views of the majority of Israel defence force (IDF) soldiers, who appreciate the high moral standards demanded of them by the country they serve.

I myself served as a lieutenant in the IDF tank corp and can attest that Israel places the utmost priority on avoiding causing harm to innocent civilians, stringently enforcing a rigorous code of conduct. Any soldier who contravenes this code faces severe consequences.
Far from being “unarmed demonstrators”, rioters approached the border at the instruction of terror group Hamas. Armed with guns, explosives and molotov cocktails, they sought violent confrontation. Of those killed, around 80% have already been identified as belonging to terrorist organisations. Israel unilaterally withdrew from all of Gaza in 2005 and it is astonishing to read the mendacious claim that Israel is seeking to “maintain the regime of occupation”.

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