Iran's president calls Trump 'idiot' as crowds chant 'death to America'

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Hundreds of thousands of Iranians march through capital to mark 40th anniversary of Islamic revolution

Iran’s president has insisted “enemy” plots against the country will fail and called President Donald Trump an “idiot” as vast crowds marked 40 years since the Islamic revolution.

Hundreds of thousands of Iranians, including soldiers, students, clerics and chador-clad women holding small children, marched through the capital in freezing rain on Monday to mark the anniversary.

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۴۰ سال فساد. ۴۰ سال سرکوب. ۴۰ سال ترور. رژیم ایران فقط موجب #چهل_سال_شکست شده است. مردم ایران که مدتهاست در رنجند شایسته آینده روشن تری هستند

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Link : Iran’s president calls Trump ‘idiot’ as crowds chant ‘death to America’


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