Iranian protests are complex jigsaw puzzle, say observers

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Demonstrations unprecedented since 1979 revolution, but reasons behind them are both economic and political

A striking image, taken by an amateur photographer on a smartphone, shows a young woman in Tehran taking off her hijab, perching on a telecoms box, and holding her headscarf aloft on a stick.

It may look as if she is waving a white flag of truce, but given her geographical location, in a country where wearing hijab is obligatory for women, it is a small – yet audacious – act of resistance, embodying the aspiration of a young nation frustrated with economic grievances, but also lack of social and political freedom.

#IranProtests : un jour, on se souviendra que c’est ainsi que tout a commencé. #balancetonvoile

This new wave appears to be led by the working class, who’s most affected by the country’s economic woes

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Link : Iranian protests are complex jigsaw puzzle, say observers


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