Iranian boats 'attempted to impede' British oil tanker in strait of Hormuz

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UK government spokesman says three Iranian boats were warned off by HMS Montrose, but Tehran denies involvement

Three Iranian boats have “attempted to impede” a British oil tanker in the Gulf, further deepening tensions in the vital shipping channel off Iran.

The incident took place in the strait of Hormuz through which the commercial vessel, British Heritage, was attempting to pass on Wednesday.

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The strait of Hormuz, which provides passage from the Gulf of Oman to the open sea, is the most important gateway for oil exports in the world. With Iran on its northern shore, and the UAE and Oman on its southern shore, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) calls it the world’s worst ‘chokepoint’

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Link : Iranian boats ‘attempted to impede’ British oil tanker in strait of Hormuz


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