Inside the 11 October edition of the Guardian Weekly – Impeachment looms

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This week in our international news magazine – Donald Trump’s (latest) ‘week of rage’ and one year of Extinction Rebellion. Subscribe here

It was the worst of times, it was … the worst of times. As Donald Trump stewed in the White House, railing against the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry, the bad news kept coming. Texts between diplomats in Europe revealed the level of concern about Donald Trump’s pressure on the Ukrainian government to undertake action in support of his domestic political interests. Trump, meanwhile, doubled down, basically admitting to his crime on live TV and asking China to investigate his potential rival Joe Biden. David Smith and Simon Tisdall make sense – or try to – of the latest “week of rage” in the White House.

As America reeled from the impeachment goings-on, the Trump administration shocked even its staunchest allies in Congress by announcing a sudden withdrawal from northern Syria. It’s a move that will leave America’s Kurdish allies in the fight against Isis abandoned to Turkish whims. As Trump-friendly Republicans decried the move, the president responded bizarrely, claiming that in his “great and unmatched wisdom” if Turkey does anything he considers off limits, he will “totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey”. Martin Chulov reports on this latest betrayal of the Kurds.

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