'If we have to leave, we leave': the downside of life in China's park city

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The next 15 megacities #13: Chengdu is arguably China’s most liveable burgeoning megacity, following in the footsteps of England’s garden city movement – but on an epic scale

“The goal is that every 300 metres you see green,” says Chen Lan, an expert in urban design and planning at Sichuan University in the emerging Chinese megacity of Chengdu. “You open a window, you see green, you see a park …”

With its mild weather, teahouses, quiet leafy streets and internationally known food, Chengdu in south-west China has long been rated one of the country’s most liveable cities.

By 2035 another 15 cities will have populations above 10 million, according to the latest United Nations projections, taking the total number of megacities to 48.

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Link : ‘If we have to leave, we leave’: the downside of life in China’s park city


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