'If our countries were safe, we wouldn't leave': the harsh reality of Mexico's migrant caravan

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As Donald Trump decries an ‘invasion’ and sends troops to the border, David Agren speaks to Central Americans fleeing poverty and violence

Swaying on a swing in a park teeming with Central American migrants in southern Mexico, Henry Juárez hardly looks like an invader ready to rush the US border – and certainly not an enemy the national guard forces being sent to the southern frontier by Donald Trump would have trouble stopping.

A slight 16-year-old with copper streaks in his hair wearing a singlet, sandals and baggy pants, he hit the perilous road through Mexico last month after seven gangbangers burst into his home in El Salvador, put a pistol in his face and threatened to kill him and his family if he didn’t make an extortion payment of $100 (£71).

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The kids here have bibs, not guns. We don’t pose any threat to the United States

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Link : ‘If our countries were safe, we wouldn’t leave’: the harsh reality of Mexico’s migrant caravan


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