I teach North Korea's entrepreneurs – live Q&A as it happened

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Can business improve the world’s relationship with North Korea? Andray Abrahamian thinks so. Join him for a live Q&A on Thursday at 3pm GMT

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It’s time to wrap up. Thank you to everyone for the questions. Apologies we couldn’t get to them all, but I think we covered most of the bases. Here’s a parting note from Andray:

Thanks for all the great questions, everyone and thanks to the guardian for having me! This was fun – feel free to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Friendster – keep in touch.

4.06pm GMT

In the past, when there was low-level entrepreneurship in DPRK, the government cracked down on it. How confident are people that that sort of thing will not happen again?

Also, how much work do you have to do to ensure that running a business is within the precepts of Juche?

There have been periods where the authorities have made it harder and periods where they’ve been more sanguine about entrepreneurship. In the last three years they have been looking at economic issues more and recognise, I think, that they can’t afford a big mess like the 2009 currency reform. Still, who knows? The ebola policy has certainly made things difficult for a lot of people, though there have been so many exceptions for business purposes, I think we’re seeing the influence of the business community as it pushes back against a policy that hurts them. Juche is a very malleable concept – we don’t really address it, though sometimes it comes up!

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