Huawei: China calls US charges 'immoral' as markets slide

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  • Beijing urges Washington to stop ‘unreasonable suppression’
  • Telecoms firm, affiliates and CFO indicted on 23 charges

China has condemned the US government’s indictments against Huawei as “unfair and immoral” and urged Washington to stop its “unreasonable suppression” of the Chinese telecommunications company after it was charged with a series of crimes.

In an escalation of hostilities between the world’s biggest economic powers, the US justice department charged Huawei and its chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, with conspiring to violate sanctions on Iran by doing business with Tehran through a subsidiary it tried to hide. Separately, it said Huawei stole robotic technology from the US carrier T-Mobile.

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Link : Huawei: China calls US charges ‘immoral’ as markets slide


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