How sex, drugs and politics earned In Between's director a fatwa

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The story of three young Arab women navigating love and life in Tel Aviv has caused walkouts and won prizes

The freedom to love who you want or live how you like does not come, says Maysaloun Hamoud, without consequence. The Palestinian film-maker has caused a sensation with her debut feature In Between, the story of three young Arab women living together in Tel Aviv, by determinedly breaking the stereotype of what that reality is and what its consequences look like on screen.

Laila, Salma and Nour – the sullen lesbian DJ, the sexy criminal lawyer and the strait-laced hijabi student – might sound like the setup of a joke without a punchline, but theirs is a fresh, little-seen take on breaking rules and taking risks in the underground party scene of their city.

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Link : How sex, drugs and politics earned In Between’s director a fatwa


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