How Russian spies bungled cyber-attack on weapons watchdog

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The GRU intelligence agency is undoubtedly ambitious but this operation is hardly a triumph

The four Russians arriving at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport looked like classic business travellers. Two of them – Alexey Minin and Oleg Sotnikov – strolled casually through arrivals. Sotnikov, head down, looked as if he was making a joke. Just behind were a pair of younger men, both going bald. They were Evgenii Serebriakov and Alexsei Moronets.

The travellers were thirty- and fortysomething Russian diplomats. At least, that is what their passports said. Clearly they were on a mission of some kind; a tie-wearing official from Russia’s embassy in the Netherlands came to the airport to greet them. But the precise reason for their trip from Moscow to Holland was unknown.

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Link : How Russian spies bungled cyber-attack on weapons watchdog


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