How China really perceives ‘Auntie May’ | Yuan Ren

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The UK prime minister’s visit has generated some intrigue there, but Beijing is now actively courting the rest of Europe

On the same day that the BBC underlined China’s apparent excitement over Theresa May’s visit, with a video featuring Chinese students praising the UK, Chinese social media was arguably more enthusiastic about the “super blue blood moon” . On Wednesday night China’s popular social media platform WeChat was awash with user postings of moon pictures.

Most Chinese people are unlikely to know that the British prime minister is in their country. “I don’t think anyone is paying attention to that,” a Chinese news assistant for a European news agency replied, laughing, when I asked her about May’s visit.

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There’s no sign of the lavish state reception that greeted Donald Trump in the Forbidden City

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Link : How China really perceives ‘Auntie May’ | Yuan Ren


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