Hong Kong’s dilemma: fight or resist peacefully

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After 11 weeks of demonstrations, weary protesters fear only their ebbing stamina or Chinese troops will break the stalemate

Ellie Lau, a 21-year-old student, was one of thousands of protesters who flooded Hong Kong’s airport this week. There, she and a friend had an uneasy conversation about the future.

As they joined throngs of demonstrators dressed in black sitting on the floor of the arrivals hall they talked about exhaustion and uncertainty – emotions they have suppressed over the past two months of protesting against their government. “It’s already very hard for us. All the people I know are all very tired physically and mentally. We don’t know what we should or can do,” says Lau. “I will ask myself, ‘What else can I give up for this movement for the future of Hong Kong?’ We don’t usually talk about it, but we are all thinking about it.”

Why are people protesting?

The protest is like a pot of boiling water, the steam is hot. The only problem is when the water is all boiled out

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