Hillwalkers fall foul of Twitter crackdown | Brief letters

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Twitter ruthlessly rooted out the duplicate accounts of a friend who was using one for himself and one for the hillwalking group whose Facebook page he moderates, and has banned him from returning. So I don’t see why the Russians can get away with destabilising the entire western world (Russia backed Brexit in fake Twitter posts, 15 November). Our group only wanted Twitter for last-minute meet-ups and weather-related cancellations – we had no intention of recruiting the hillwalking community for nefarious purposes, even if that were possible.
Margaret Squires
St Andrews, Fife

• Twitter posts from Russia to influence public opinion sounds very much like Radio Free Europe and CIA-funded magazines in Europe during the cold war. Only the media has changed. Russia is only doing what we taught it.
Joseph Hanlon

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Link : Hillwalkers fall foul of Twitter crackdown | Brief letters


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