Here's how to turn back the Doomsday clock | David Shariatmadari

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The world needs to stop worrying and learn to live with North Korea’s nukes if a devastating war is to be avoided

It’s two minutes to midnight. That’s the view of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, which has published its wake-up call to humanity every year since 1947. Midnight, of course, stands for the end of civilisation: the moment the very technological prowess that allows us to live such sophisticated lives finally destroys us. Nuclear war has long been the principal threat, though the Bulletin has increasingly included climate change in its gloomy warnings.

Surveying 2017, it said “the greatest risks last year arose in the nuclear realm,” citing tensions between North Korea and the United States. Over the last 12 months of brinkmanship between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, we’ve had threats to turn Washington and Seoul into “flames and ashes”, promises to visit “fire and fury” on Pyongyang, and an underground nuclear test.

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With the credible threat of war hanging over him, the dictator has been making friendly overtures to South Korea

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