Hairdressing, sewing, cooking – is this really how we're going to empower women?

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Women’s empowerment has long been a development buzzword, but a narrow focus on getting women into low-paid work may be marginalising them further

In the blue tent on the building site that forms Noora Murat Khalaf’s home, the shiny new sewing machine is incongruous, to say the least.

The Yazidi family have been living here since they fled Islamic State in 2014. In those three years, they’ve tried their best to make the building site in Erbil a bit more homely: cushions line the perimeter inside the tent, and outside a couple of old sofas sit amid the bricks.

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Are they empowering women? Not really.

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Link : Hairdressing, sewing, cooking – is this really how we’re going to empower women?


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