Go Back to Where You Came From Live is ambitious TV. But does it work?

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By putting stunned, mostly white, mostly celebrity Australians in conflict zones, SBS doesn’t do justice to the complexity of refugee stories

The first series of Go Back to Where You Came From was truly groundbreaking and audacious television.

In 2011, six ordinary Australians took a refugee journey backwards from Australia. They travelled on a leaky boat; they experienced immigration raids; they lived in a refugee camp. There had been nothing on television like it, and it was immensely instructive in highlighting the perilous refugee experience.

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Marina is absolutely right, we take in such a small percentage of refugees and such a small percentage of refugees are illegal and yet the fear mongering and anti-immigration rhetoric makes a large part of our political discussion #GoBackLive

Way to take a trusted format and inject it with unnecessary, staged for ‘live’ cameras drama. The human tragedies of these refugee stories was always powerful enough. Add any suspicion with TV stunt and you’ve betrayed the people you sought to help. #GoBackLive

I enjoyed #GoBackLive but I feel like a lot of potentially important parts were skipped over. I hope there will be longer clips online or something. Can’t wait to see what else is in store tomorrow night.

This format is way too disjointed. No narrative continuity. #GoBackLive

Sorry SBS, this new “live” format sucks. “Go back to the old format” it made more sense and had a logical progression,just cutting of stories half way through sucks and we don’t all have the attention span of a goldfish! #GoBackLive #gobacktowhereyoucamefrom

Lambie says her faith teaches her that when her time is up, it’s up. You’ve got to wonder whether she’d apply the same logic if she and her family had to flee war, take her own advice, and just stay put? #GoBackLive

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