'Give me death or freedom' – The Battle for Hong Kong review

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This powerful Dispatches documentary captured the bravery of the anti-extradition protesters – from Momo, whose husband was one of the police, to Lomi, who’s unlikely to see her family again

They are so young and so brave. Maybe you can only be that brave when you are young. Idealism and hope fuel your courage, along with the secret belief that you are in all likelihood immortal.

Dispatches: The Battle for Hong Kong followed a handful of protesters taking part in the pro-democracy demonstrations that recently took place after the region’s government proposed an extradition bill that would allow its people to be sent for trial in mainland China. The move struck a spark in the tinderbox of fears that have been growing as Hong Kong reaches the halfway point of the 50 years of special protection it was granted when the British handed the colony back to China in 1997. It remains – so far – a sanctuary; not perfect, but a relatively safe corner of a country whose Communist-turned-nationalist history has otherwise made corruption endemic and human rights abuses commonplace.

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