Gaza City in the spotlight: hesitant hope in a city where everyone still wants out

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As the UN’s day of solidarity with Palestinians nears, Gazans have restored a hesitant bustle to their colourful markets, parks and grand Byzantine buildings – but the crushing monotony remains

Today Medinat Ghazzah, or Gaza City, is running on empty – and yet still going. Gaza City, the Gaza Strip’s principal urban centre, carries various scars of war. Since 2006, Gaza has endured one civil war between Palestinians, three wars between the ruling Hamas militant group and Israel, a decade of Hamas’ repressive rule, and a crushing blockade by neighbouring Israel and Egypt – all of which have crippled the economy and turned the tiny territory into a site of humanitarian crisis.

Gaza City’s dusty buildings and bumpy roads, many still damaged or half-rebuilt from the last war, are at times reminiscent of facades found in Egypt and the Palestinian West Bank. But it is the crushing monotony and suffocating limits of life that define the city for residents who have walked the same streets for a decade without a chance of getting out. Still, the city carries on, with coffee shops, traffic, clothes stores, restaurants and even a new upscale mall offering diversions for those who can afford them.

_ مسجد السيد هاشم يعتبر من أقدم مساجد غزة وأتقنها بناء ❤️ ويقع في حي الدرج في المنطقة الشمالية لمدينة غزة القديمة ويبعد عن المسجد العمري مسافة كيلو متر واحد تقريباً وورد في الموسوعة الفلسطينية أنه من الراجح أن المماليك هم أول من أنشأه وقد جدده السلطان عبد المجيد العثماني سنة 1266 هـ 1830م” _ Mosque of Hashim Is one of the oldest mosques in Gaza and trained building️️ and located in the neighborhood of the stairs in the northern area of the old city of Gaza and away from the mosque Omari approximately one kilometer The Palestinian Encyclopedia stated that it is most likely that the Mamluks are the first toestablish Renewed by Sultan AbdulMajeed Ottoman in 1266 AH 1830 AD ” #كاميرا_الآثار #شركاء_المجتمع

_ ‏ نأمل من الله أن يكون هناك غداً أفضل

#iPhone Photo . Al-Shatee refugee camp in Gaza City on February 14, 2017. By Wissam Nassar @wissamgaza #wissamgaza مخيم الشاطئ للاجئين والبحر المتوسط

Wishing you all Happy Eid . “Eid Adha Mubarak” From Gaza. By Wissam Nassar @wissamgaza #wissamgaza #Gaza #Eid

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Link : Gaza City in the spotlight: hesitant hope in a city where everyone still wants out


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