FTSE 100 at record high after trade war truce, but pound hits 2018 low – business live

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UK stock market hits new peak after US Treasury secretary Mnuchin says the trade war with China is ‘on hold’

12.28pm BST

President Trump has just tweeted:

I ask Senator Chuck Schumer, why didn’t President Obama & the Democrats do something about Trade with China, including Theft of Intellectual Property etc.? They did NOTHING! With that being said, Chuck & I have long agreed on this issue! Fair Trade, plus, with China will happen!

11.58am BST

Today’s rally means the FTSE 100 has now gained over 900 points, or 13%, since late March.

Good news for anyone who had the foresight to buy equities then, in the face of worries over a trade war.

11.26am BST

American farmers are waking up to some good news – soybean and grain prices are up, thanks to the trade war truce.

11.03am BST

Trade tariffs are a blunt weapon that can cause self-inflicted pain, as Paul Donovan of Swiss bank UBS explains:

China and the US have agreed not to increase taxes on their own consumers by avoiding tariffs for now.

The agreement at the conclusion of trade talks was suspiciously light on details. The overall US trade deficit is likely to grow this year.

10.41am BST

The Chinese government has welcomed America’s decision to row back from a trade war.

“China has never hoped for any tensions between China and the United States, in the trade or other arenas.”.

9.59am BST

Here’s Neil Wilson of Markets.com on today’s stock market rally:

“The FTSE 100 notched up a fresh record high, rising clear of 7800 for the first time as the feel-good factor from the trade war truce bolstered risk sentiment and a weaker pound delivered the usual shot of adrenalin for the blue chips.

It looks like progress on talks between China and the US means we are not about to descend into a punitive trade war. Whilst there is still long way to go and nothing is agreed until everything is agreed, there has undoubtedly been solid progress and the sense of relief in equity markets is palpable.

Emerging currencies are getting destroyed.#Lira 4.56 per $ pic.twitter.com/puay40It2M

9.48am BST

The weaker pound is driving shares in London to fresh record peaks.

The general positive sentiment reflects the decline of worries of a possible trade war between the U.S. and China, following weekend developments.

9.33am BST

Bloomberg says the British pound is suffering from Brexit angst and signs that UK growth has slowed.

The main thing investors are waiting for is to see whether the latest economic figures show any upturn, after a sluggish first three months of the year when the Beast from the East snowstorm swept across the country. That could push higher the odds of an interest-rate increase as early as August by the Bank of England…..

Aside from the date, the U.K. will go into the next round of Brexit talks this week against a backdrop of euro-zone turmoil as Italy’s populist coalition pushes ahead with an agenda that’s at odds with the European Union establishment.

Pound sets new low for 2018 against dollar https://t.co/jTN2M9SwDD pic.twitter.com/Xm7EvMjqog

9.06am BST

The pound has hit its lowest level since the start of the year.

While traders aren’t worrying about trade wars, they are getting jittery about Brexit again.

This backstop has been one of the sticking points in talks with the EU27 and some in Westminster believe it could become the post-Brexit norm if Brussels accepts the UK’s proposal.

But Johnson insisted: “Brexiters fearing betrayal over the customs backstop must understand that the PM has been very clear that it is not an outcome we desire; we want a deal with the EU and she will deliver it.”

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8.43am BST

Metal prices are also getting a small lift this morning.

Reuters has the details:

Copper edged higher on Monday after China and the United States put their trade row “on hold”, easing concerns that the dispute could escalate, although headwinds from a stronger dollar capped further gains.

“It appears that America and China have moved towards a trade deal, which will mean the expansion of U.S. goods purchased by China, and thus, avoiding the prospect of an out-and-out trade war,” said Kingdom Futures in a report.

8.35am BST

The FTSE is continuing to climb to fresh record levels, putting 8,000 points in its sights (I don’t think we’ll get there today, though!).

Connor Campbell of City firm SpreadEx says:

After intermittently fretting over signs that hostile relations were heating back up between the US and China last week, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s claim on Sunday that a trade war was ‘on hold’ has sent a – cautious – wave of relief through the market.

8.29am BST

The US dollar has hit its highest level in five months, against a basket of other currencies.

That’s another sign that traders are comforted that the US and China have frozen tariffs on a swathe of exports – something that could have hurt the American economy.

8.17am BST

Hussein Sayed, chief market strategist at FXTM, reminds us that America and China haven’t actually hammered out a full agreement on trade yet.

Sayed points out that details of the truce remain vague.

This was the second round of trade negotiations without clearly defined targets, suggesting that there’s still a long way to go.

Today, a trade war may have been averted, but according to the joint statement from both countries, nothing is being guaranteed apart from China promising to increase American imports

8.06am BST

Boom! The UK’s FTSE 100 index has burst to a new-alltime high this morning.

The Footsie gained 35 points, or 0.45%, to 7814 points for the first time ever.

7.53am BST

Although there’s relief that the US and China have stepped back from a trade war, analysts are also cautious.

Tai Hui, chief market strategist for Asia Pacific at JP Morgan, predicts further clashes between the two sides:

Historical precedents suggest the U.S. could re-engage with China on trade issues if it sees China dragging its feet on fulfilling its pledges. Moreover, the last three months have further exposed Washington’s concerns over China’s advancement in technology and its threat as a competitor, both commercially and strategically.

It’s like a back pain that never goes away. It was a shock in the first instance it happened, but then life goes on as the most acute symptoms are addressed. The good news is that markets should learn to live with it and consider its impact more rationally.”

“The fundamental differences on trade and other economic issues remain unresolved.”

The undeclared “trade war” between US and China has been put on hold according to US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin as the two superpowers agree on a economic truce.

This development puts the planned tariffs on hold while the two countries work on a plan to re-balance their trade relations and dampens the geopolitical risk.

7.36am BST

Britain’s blue-chip share index of top shares is likely to smash through 7,800 points for the first time ever today.

City traders are predicting a rally in London, thanks to the new spirit of detente between the US and China over trade.

US and China stepping back from the brink of a trade war has lifted sentiment, boosting equity indices, putting the FTSE on track for a fresh record high.

Asian equities have bounced and Europe points to a higher start, as Trump’s administration halts plans to impose trade tariffs on China, whilst China promises to significantly increase its purchase of US farm exports and energy.

7.09am BST

Good morning, and welcome to our rolling coverage of the world economy, the financial markets, the eurozone and business.

It’s going to be a positive start to the marketss after U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin declared the U.S. trade war with China “on hold” following an agreement to drop their tariff threats that had roiled global markets this year: https://t.co/kwwvvVNoZp pic.twitter.com/kLyqeHdaLZ

“We’re putting the trade war on hold, right now, we have agreed to put the tariffs on hold while we try to execute the framework.”

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Morning all!

– Asian equity markets traded mostly positive with sentiment underpinned following the conclusion of the 2nd round of US-China trade talks

– China agreed to purchase more goods to avoid a trade war. Mnuchin announced that tariffs on China would be placed on hold as discussions progress

Concerns about an escalation in tensions between China and the US appear to have been deferred in the short term after progress in trade talks at the weekend.

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