Forever war in Kashmir – inside the 8 March edition of Guardian weekly

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This week, in our international news magazine – an edit of the best content found in the Guardian and Observer – we look at what February’s tensions in Kashmir mean for the region. Subscribe to the Guardian Weekly

For those outside south Asia, tensions and fighting in Kashmir are occasional headlines. For those in India and Pakistan and, particularly in the states and territories in the region, the violence never stops. After a bomb in mid-February killed 40 Indian paramilitaries, Kashmir has been in the midst of conflict – with the shooting down of an Indian plane by Pakistan looking like a tipping point. Thankfully, tensions seem to have cooled, but some in Kashmir aren’t put off by the threat of war. In fact, they suggest, it might bring some clarity. As well as our reporting from the ground, Ajai Shukla, a former Indian army colonel, analyses the latest violence and asks if the Modi government strategy of neglect in Kashmir is keeping the region burning.

China enacted its one-child policy to curb population growth in 1979. Of course, many Chinese families had more than one baby but, regardless, the legacy of that policy is beginning to come clear. As China’s meeting of legislative delegates and political advisers known as the “two sessions” got under way this week, Lily Kuo and Xueying Wang look at the massive impact the one-child policy is now having on the country’s growth. Also from China comes the news that the state has banned 23m from buying tickets to travel due to offences logged under its controversial, Black Mirror-esque social credit system. What can citizens do to remove the digital black mark next to their names?

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