Food, homes – and books – for the 99%

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This week’s edition of the Upside looks at fresh approaches to familiar problems

Homelessness and rural poverty are familiar issues around the world. From struggling farmers in Sicily to Oxford’s homeless community, this week’s stories look at people taking a fresh approach to solving these persistent problems.

In the arid interior of Sicily, Italian wheat farmers face a growing crisis of low prices, land degradation and globalisation. But a recent legal change allowing the growth of cannabis has led to a production boom and offered hope for the future, as Lorenzo Tondo discovered.

Should the police inform people of how many murders have been committed by white German males towards others, and how many sexual assault cases have been committed in Germany before the influx of refugees [beginning in 2015]? It would make people aware that murders and other tragedies happened well before refugees started to come, and [how many] crimes are committed by white German males.

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Link : Food, homes – and books – for the 99%


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