Final days of the 'Isis caliphate' – photo essay

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Photojournalist Achilleas Zavallis has been in Syria covering the collapse of Islamic State across the region and the resultant displacement of families

For the past week the Syrian Democratic Forces have been trying to defeat the last remnants of Islamic State that fortified themselves in the small town located on the banks of the Euphrates River, near the Iraqi border.

Women and children, who fled heavy conflict between the SDF and Isis in Baghuz, sit in front of a tent inside a civilian screening point for suspected Isis families

Trucks on the move

These scenes of confusion and desperation carry on into the next day when I visit a forward position outside the town.

Civilians arrive at an SDF forward screening point

Suspected Isis families are seen inside a truck that will transport them to an camp for internally displaced people (IDP) after fleeing Baghuz

Children in the back of a truck hide their faces

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An SDF soldier helps a man who fled heavy fighting in the city of Baghuz reach a civilian collection point for suspected Isis families

Members of the SDF seen on the rooftop of a building, located on the outskirts of Baghuz

A SDF advanced observation post overlooking the city of Baghuz

Two, three more days will finish them off, God willing

A member of the SDF observes Isis positions in Baghuz

An abandoned shelter

Women and children sit on blankets with their few belongings at a civilian screening point

A woman clutching her child is seen at a civilian screening point

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